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Cartagena Day Trip
Wednesday 28th February 

CARTAGENA CITY DAY TRIP WEDNESDAY 28th FEBRUARY Cartagena is more than just a port for cruise liners!

Come and visit this beautiful city with us. There is so much to do….

Visit the Roman Theatre of Cartagena which was discovered by chance in 1990 and was built at the end of the 1st century BC during the time of Emperor Augustus. It had capacity for 6,000 spectators.


Try out the panoramic elevator that connects the Port with the Castillo de la Concepción or walk through the Square of the Heroes of Cavite & Cuba.


Do some shopping. Eat and drink at the many cafes, bars and restaurants along the marina or venture into the central city and explore what this wonderful city has to offer.


PRICE OF 25€ includes: Return coach travel Accompanied by Taquilla Tickets PL Insured

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Call Sally 0034 657 34 64 45

Julie 0034 624993566


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