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Don Giovani Opera El Batel Cartagena 24th October

Don Juan, an insatiable lover, finally receives what he deserves. 18th century - Seville. Hall of the Commander's palace. The famous women's scoffer Don Juan, a newcomer to the Sevillian capital, embarks on new love affairs. With the help of his servant Leporello, he tries to seduce Donna Anna, for which he kills his father. Then he flees from the young woman's boyfriend (Don Ottavio) who pursues him to take revenge. He briefly encounters a previous relationship (Donna Elvira), which he evades, leaving his servant to give the explanations. While escaping, he appears in the middle of a wedding of villagers where he seduces the young bride, Zerlina until he takes her to the bedroom. Zerlina manages to flee screaming and Don Giovanni is cornered by his enemies, but he manages to flee again... Don Giovanni exchanges outfits with Leporello to avoid Donna Elvira again and arrange an encounter with her maid. But when Donna Elvira sees Leporello believing him Don Giovanni throws himself into his arms. Don Giovanni faces the statue of Donna Anna's father and invites him to eat, but to the surprise of him and his assistant, The Commander appears in front of the table and with great noise, after trying to get Don Giovanni's repentance, drags him to the depths.

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