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Elche Night of Fire
Tuesday  13th August

What a night and trip this is! This night is for the Patron Saint of Elche! 6pm in the evening you can hear a small firework go off in the street with the children and firecrackers, the smell of the stalls with the different types of tapas, the atmosphere is starting to get exciting, the crowds start to gather with this unbelievable night of fireworks like no other you have ever seen!!

Fireworks are going off across the whole of the city to hounor the Patron Saint of Elche, 11pm the lights in the city go out, the night sky fills with coulors, explosions and the smell of gunpowder. Everybody is waiting for the huge finale! The massive palm of virgin firework that signifies the end of the night shooting over 300 metres in the sky, the explosion rocks the city and a huge palm tree emerges before your very eyes, over 2000 kilos of gunpowder, over 90,000 rockets and one huge palmera de virgin firework makes this a spectacular trip!! Please note this is a night trip leaving afternoon and returning late evening .

Our collection points: Puerto de Mazarron, Mazarron Country Club, Camposol A,B,C,D and Condado de Alhama .  ​


How to book:

Book here or come into our office to collect your ticket. Our offices are based at Condado De Alhama, Al Kasar, Comercial Center, within The Sparkle office or Camposol A at Cats Bar. Call: Sally on 657346445

Office on 624993566 

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