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Grand Circus Maximus
Dinner show
Saturday 15th July

Saturday 15th july

Ready to live the adventure?

The most dynamic version of the biggest mass event in history.

A fast-paced adventure of battles, gladiators, chariot races and priestesses anointed by the gods, where fate will decide who is the victor.

A show where you are part of it.

Live the emotion, experience the Great Circus Maximus. When legend becomes spectacle and the heroes of yesteryear come to life in fearsome warriors, there is only one thing to do to gain freedom.


Any weapon will serve the opportunity to win and win freedom in epic battles.


The emotion on the surface, the trembling of the cars, the ovation of the public. Who will reach the goal?


Only the gods will be auspicious if the offerings are to the liking of the gods.


Enjoy an authentic Roman dinner set by gladiators and entertainers


Circus Maximus is a perfect mix of action by the best historical specialists, interacting with various performing arts and high-level equestrian shows, all of which make up a live adventure where the same audience is an active part.

The components have been trained by one of the most charismatic specialist schools in Europe. Trained both in handling weapons of all times and in interacting with the attending public.

The dancers involved have traveled the entire peninsula performing in the most notable historical events and adapting their choreographies to create emotion in each one of them.

One particularity of our horses is that many of them have been rescued from abandonment situations and recovered both physically and psychologically.

Stage director Luis Manuel Leal has 25 years of experience creating thematic shows that have captivated tens of thousands of attendees.

Do not miss out on this Special occasion 

Book your place now

€ 67.50  per Adult

€56.50 per child up to the age of 12 yrs

Price includes

Show entrance

Coach Travel

Dinner with The Gladiators and entertainers


Call 657346445 to book or Come in and see us at our office.


please note..... This is a late show and starts at 9.30pm


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