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Hot Air Balloon Experience

Up up and away!!!

Hot air balloon flights Dawn will be our departure flag. We will take a ride in which we will capture postcard photos and unique moments. The pilot will fly low and we will move with the slow breeze and so we can enjoy a landscape perspective hitherto unknown to us.

We will look for the right air to climb higher, appreciating the unpublished and wonderful views of the region of Murcia. From here we will perform a dance with the wind that will teach us the mysteries of the plateaus surprising and captivating our cameras. Unparalleled experience When the tour comes to an end, we will enjoy a picnic lunch that AirGlobo offers.

In it we will comment and celebrate the incomparable experience.

How to book:

Book here by clicking " Buy Now" or come into our office to collect your ticket.

Our offices are based at Condado De Alhama, Al Kasar, Comercial Center, within The Sparkle office or Camposol A At Cats Bar.

Call: 0034 657346445  for more information.

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