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Moors & Christians Alcoy
Saturday 22nd April

Are you ready for the most spectacular costumes?

 Feel  the passion and to be involved in the Moors and Christians parades and festival Alcoy.

Steeped in history, we are not just seeing one procession, but 2!!

In the morning at 10.30am its the Christians parade, in all the battle costumes, the smells in the air, the passion of the infantry, this is the first parade.

Then take a look around the festival that is Moors and the Christians battles.

it is now the turn of the Moors,

rough, ready and barbaric with the most elaborate swords and costumes.

Be part of this fantastic festival!!


Price includes seat for both parades  and coach travel accompanied by Taquilla Tickets.

Pick up points are 

Puerto de Mazzaron 

Mazzaron Country Club

Camposol A,B,C,D

Condado de Alhama

Hacienda de Alamo 

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