Segovia and Avila 
22nd/23rd/24th November

Let us take you back in time, where the different cultures are as one. The Moores  the Christians and the renaissance. 

This very extraordinary city has all the cultures and architecture to see.

Explore the vast array of museums, churches, the aqueduct, the cathedral in all its splendor.

 Take a stroll around the gardens of the Al Kasar, visit the castle (it is even said that Walt Disney modeled Cinderellas castle on the castle at Segovia and you can see the resemblance).

Also included in this trip is a day trip to the beautiful town of Avila with its stunning castle and walls, take dinner in the many plazas....

A trip not to be missed and a first for Taquilla Tickets.

Our 4 star hotel is situated by the aqueduct in Segovia.

Segovia .jpg