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Terracotta Army / Alicante
23rd june


Come with Taquilla Tickets to see the 8th wonder of the world!

One of the biggest tombs ever found, buried for over 2200 yrs, the terracotta army found in China in the province of Xi'an, over 8000 soldiers each with a different facial expression. 130 chariots and over 670 horses have been uncovered in China.

You do not have to go to China to see these marvelous exhibits, come with us on a journey through time as we show you some of the original exhibts that were found in the tombs in China.

Entrance fee & guided tour to this exhibit is also included in the price then why not finish your day with a lunch in one of the many restaurants in Alicante.

Pick up points are

Puerto de Mazzaron

Mazzaron Country Club

Camposol A,B,C,D

Condado De Alahama

Hacienda De Alamo

or call into one of our offices

Condado de Alhama inside Sparkle Office speak to sally or phone 657346445

Camposol A Cats bar speak to Nigel 642501568


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